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If a Mother has Sufficient Financial Resources to Raise a Child, Why is it Important to Establish Paternity?

Children need more than just financial support, even when their parents never formed a permanent relationship. Having a medical history of both parents can potentially save the life of a child in an emergency. Many biological fathers have a strong interest in the lives of their children, even if they cannot contribute financially. Florida paternity attorneys can help both parents protect important rights and help their children move toward the bright futures they deserve.

Even when fathers cannot financially contribute to their children, they can greatly contribute to their emotional health through active involvement. According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension, involved non-residential fathers provide many benefits to their children. When compared with children without paternal involvement, these children display the following tendencies:

  • Higher grades
  • Better social skills
  • Fewer behavioral problems
  • Fewer mental health problems as adults

Every child deserves the chance to a good start in life. An experienced paternity attorney in Boca Raton can help fathers become involved by establishing parenting plans that address the emotional needs of children. By law, a child born out of wedlock does not have a legal father unless paternity is established. Even if marriage to the father is not in the future, mothers should not automatically assume the father does not want to be part of the life of his child. With the right plan in place, children and parents can derive many benefits from a continued relationship.

The attorneys at Weiner & Weiss, LLC have over four decades of experience representing mothers and fathers to preserve their rights regarding their children. We address these issues with the sensitivity needed when paternity is yet unknown or contested, and we guide our clients through the issues required by Florida law to address the best interests of the children.

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