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Boca Raton Family Law Attorneys Serve Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Experienced Florida lawyers provide personalized legal counsel for domestic challenges

In any family legal dispute, it’s important to have capable counsel from professionals dedicated to a positive outcome. At Weiner & Weiss, LLC, in Boca Raton, you get family law attorneys with 48 years of combined experience guiding South Florida families through a range of challenges. Whether you are going through a divorce, engaged in a custody battle or dealing with domestic violence, we provide the knowledgeable advice and determined advocacy you deserve.

Respected advocates handle a range of family law issues

At our firm, you receive experienced counsel from lawyers who are respected by clients and colleagues alike. Gary D. Weiner has practiced Florida family law for more than 34 years, serves as a Family Law Mediator and has been named as a Florida Super Lawyer since 2015.  Scott M. Weiss has practiced family law in Florida for 14 years and has been selected to the Florida Rising Star list by Super Lawyers Magazine since 2014. Both are AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®  in recognition of their legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with their work.

With Weiner & Weiss, you can have complete confidence in our ability to manage family law matters such as:

  • Divorce — Our attorneys provide supportive guidance throughout the divorce process, helping you make the best decisions for yourself and your family when your marriage ends.
  • Child custody — We help parents develop workable time-sharing (custody) arrangements and parenting plans that meet their children’s needs and fit the families’ unique goals and objectives.
  • Child support — Whether you are the recipient or paying parent, we protect your interests and your children’s financial welfare in child support awards.
  • Alimony — When determining spousal support, courts look at factors such as the length of the marriage, the parties’ respective incomes, and their ages and health. We help our clients reach fair and appropriate alimony arrangements.
  • Contempt and enforcement — Our lawyers assist clients in filing civil contempt motions to enforce court orders for child support, alimony or custody when the other party fails to abide by them.

We understand the emotional toll a divorce or custody battle can take. We provide compassionate support through frequent, meaningful contact from the beginning of your case until the end. Being available to our clients is our paramount objective which is why our clients have our cell phone numbers that allow for 24/7 access. When our clients need us, day or night, we are available. We believe this is the ONLY way to effectively represent our clients.

Seasoned advisers assist with family law appeals

When a judge’s error leads to an unfair outcome in your family law case, you may have the right to appeal. If the case cannot go forward until the matter is resolved, we can seek an interlocutory review. The trial is put on hold until we present our argument to the Court of Appeals. However, in most cases, we preserve the issue for appeal after trial. Our appellate experience and ability to move seamlessly from trial to appeal is a tremendous asset to our clients in any contentious divorce or family law trial.

Sensitive counselors handle domestic violence situations

Under Florida law, domestic violence refers to a wide range of harmful acts but includes any threat or actual harm by one family or household member against another. If you or your children are the victims of domestic violence, we will take decisive steps to protect you, including filing for a protective order with the court. This order can remove an abusive spouse from the home, bar contact with the other spouse and children, and result in the confiscation of firearms. We know that one party may try to gain an unfair advantage in a divorce or custody case by alleging domestic violence, so we also represent clients who have been unfairly accused of this offense.

What are the penalties for violating a court order?

A divorce decree and an order of protection have the force of law behind them, so once issued, they remains in effect until terminated or modified. If changed circumstances make a support order unduly burdensome for you, we can help you petition for a post-judgment modification. If your ex simply stops paying a child or spousal support order, you can ask the court to enforce it. Court enforcement actions may include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Bank account seizure
  • Jail for contempt

A person who violates an order of protection is also subject to contempt of court proceedings and may have fines and jail time imposed. Repeated violations can lead to criminal prosecution.

Contact our established Florida family law firm

For skilled family law counsel in South Florida, call Weiner & Weiss, LLC at (561) 391-1333 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Boca Raton office. We take the time to understand your unique situation and offer advice tailored to your family’s needs.

Our Attorneys
  • "Could not have asked for a better attorney. I dealt with an extremely difficult and tedious divorce. Gary and his team were always thorough and fully prepared. Always at the top of their game and always treated me as a top priority as they do all their clients. Recommend Gary Weiner as the attorney to handle your divorce if you need it done right!!!! " - Zachary B.,★★★★★

  • "Scott Weiss is always knowledgeable and reachable when I have a question. I have referred clients to him and will continue to refer clients!" - Ian S.,★★★★★

  • "Scott is a professional who is well-liked, collegial in a highly adversarial field. He has been mentored by an excellent lawyer and although still a younger lawyer he is fast gaining experience in complex matrimonial matters. He has moved beyond second chair to handling matters on his own. He is a pleasure to work with." - Anonymous,★★★★★

  • "Scott is not only a great lawyer, but he is also very involved in the community." - Anonymous,★★★★★