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What is Involved in Setting Up an Acceptable Time Sharing Schedule?

Florida law requires divorcing parents in Boca Raton and throughout Florida to develop a schedule covering every day in a year to provide their children with the regular parental contact they need. However, time sharing schedules pertain to much more than just time. Non-residential parents retain decision-making and other rights even when the children are not in their homes. Regardless of the unique circumstances of any family, experienced time sharing attorneys help parents develop detailed schedules that courts can approve because they serve the best interests of the children.

Recognizing that the distance between parents can affect how often they can see their children, the 15th Judicial Court of Florida Family Division offers three separate model parental time sharing schedules. Each model covers every imaginable detail of scheduling the primary and secondary residential parents, including the following:

  • Weekdays, weekends, vacations and holidays
  • Required communication between parents for precise scheduling
  • Procedures for time sharing exchanges
  • Out-of-town-travel
  • Phone contact
  • Exchange of information

If your children are young, you need to develop a precise schedule covering many years into the future. This is a complex process, especially if either parent has an unpredictable work schedule or other issues that make this type of advance planning very challenging. You need to discuss all potential concerns with your lawyer when it comes to time sharing. They can add provisions addressing needs for flexibility or other issues.

The family attorneys at Weiner & Weiss, LLC work closely with clients to help develop a time sharing schedule that can provide children with the parental contact they need now and into the future. When circumstances change, we can help revise the schedules and file for needed modifications with the courts.

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